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About Me

It's never easy for a person to give his opinion on himself or his job, especially if his job is connected to art. Since i have to describe myself, i can say that the most of people choose me photographer of one of the most important days of their lives for my approach and my ability to establish a good relationship with people.

I've always thought that to be able to describe a situation it is necessary to combine some fundamental elements:first of all to have a good knoledge of the camera we are using, then to know in advance the setting, the situations and all that the bride and bridegroom have planned and most of all to pay attention to the way they establish a relationship with each other and with the others.

I belive that every wedding report should be personalized because every couple is different from the others and should be given the same attention and quality. This is necessary if we don't want to trivalize this moment, or make it a routine, a risk which is always possible especially when a photographer has hindreds of wedding reports behind himself.

Since 1995 when i started to use a camera seriously i've always tried to capture from the reality around me images and situations that were as near as possible to those of the greatest photographers. Day after day these images brought me to get more and more important and new services and experience in the world of music, cinema, theatre that before i had experienced only as a curious spectator.

I began at the weekends with weddings initially as an assistant and then as an official photographer.

II've realized that all these experiences have matured me giving me as a gift my personal way of taking photos. I always look at the images of the great photographers as i did in the past because they have the ability to enchant you, to make you feel small, but at the same time to motivate you to do your best and to imptove.

I like thinking, and i'm convinced of it, that a "wedding photo" doesn't exist:what exsits is, instead, the right mixture of perspective, framing, quick glance and fine view. However, what is essential is the moment, the emotion made eternal by....a photo.